The 2024 Guide to Choosing the Best Neteller Casino in Australia

Players who want to start their online gambling journey with a Neteller casino can find a number of top sites that offer the best online casino experience to suit a player’s needs. With Neteller, players are able to take control of their finances and keep playing at online casino sites only when they are able to, and when they are best suited to do so. Other casino payment methods may be similar, but Neteller has a reputation for being one of the best.

To be more accurate, a Neteller casino is a site that accepts Neteller as a payment option. It’s an e-money transfer service where players are able to transfer real money to and from online casinos. Players can keep their cards topped up with funds, and see withdrawals made to the card too, giving players a nice form of stability in the world of gambling.

Top Neteller Casino Online in Australia

In order to find the top Neteller casino Australia has to offer, one would need to spend a lot of time playing at that site. For those who have a limited amount of time, or perhaps want to spend their off-time playing some of the best casino games around, it’s not a feasible option to devote time to find an amazing online casino site.

This is why Australian Online Casino exists. Our expert team of casino goers and online gambling players have devised a strategy to find the best online casino to accept Neteller, giving players the option of using their favourite casino payment methods while still being able to play a trusted and reputable site.

How to Choose the Best Neteller Accepted Casino

It’s not as easy as just finding the quickest Neteller deposit casino or finding where an Australian online casino Neteller is the most popular. It’s about finding an online casino site that checks all the boxes in order to make the online experience the best thing since sliced bread.

Putting aside every Australian online casino Neteller offer, we want to be sure that each site that we recommend on our list has been tried and tested by our expert panel. This is a team of people who have a history of online casino play. Some of the members of the team are casual players, others are pros, some of them work with numbers, and others have been on the side of the online casino before. No matter what their history, each member of the team knows what players are looking for.

We’re not in the business of putting the newest Neteller casino online offering the largest bonus, we look at everything else surrounding the site and just how well they operate. This includes a variety of casino payment options, and on this page, Neteller accepted casino sites. But it also includes sites that offer plenty of online casino games, sites that have some great bonuses that are good for the wallet but also don’t have unrealistic expectations. It also includes sites that are licensed and registered to operate legally.

Players who take our recommendations to heart should never have to wonder if the site they are playing at has got all of the right licenses and security measures in place, it should be something that comes standard with the responsibility of running an online casino site.

Those players that wish to sign up to the world of Neteller will just need to head to the official site and create an account. Account creation and sign up is free, and users will get to set their own password and choose their currency in which they’d like to deal. New users will need to submit some personal information for verification purposes. This is very important and we often stress it a lot, but those who do not get through the verification process may not be able to use this online wallet!

Once players have verified their account through email, they can then connect their Neteller account up with their traditional bank. This will allow players to deposit directly into the account. Alternatively, those that wish to play at a Neteller online casino can deposit a pay-as-you-go scheme, where they’ll be able to top the account up through the site.

When an online casino has been picked from our top list, players will need to head to that particular casino’s cashier. Once there, choosing Neteller as the payment option and picking the sum they would like to put into their casino is the hardest part! It doesn’t sound particularly hard, but in comparison to everything else that is super easy, it may well be. Neteller has stated that their deposits and withdrawals at online casinos supporting Neteller are free. This means that players should be careful to play at only trusted sites that don’t hide behind mysterious fees.

Players who use Neteller religiously as their deposit and withdrawal option may need to pay a fee to top up their Neteller account each time, but this can easily be combated with regular deposits of a higher amount, or using a free transaction method.

FAQs for Online Casino Neteller Deposits and Withdrawals

Anyone who is new to the world of online casinos and especially making online casino payments will have many questions regarding Neteller. Players may be wondering how it works, why it’s popular, what advantages there are, and so much more when wanting to make an online casino payment through this medium. For example, players using Neteller will be able to make quick withdrawals to their accounts and instant deposits too.

When using more traditional services such as a debit or a credit card, whether it’s MasterCard, VISA, or anything else, players may also get instant deposits. It’s where the withdrawals come in that many people aren’t too fond of traditional banking. Those that use Neteller as a withdrawal system will likely get their winnings far quicker than other players who use traditional methods.

When playing at any Neteller casino Australia has to offer, players can already count themselves lucky because it’s so easy to use. It’s also very widely accepted as one of the most reliable payment methods across many of the best online casinos. Players can be confident of the secure instant deposits and the enhanced privacy of not having to link their personal information with a deposit at any given time.

One of the few downsides to Neteller is that the payment method isn’t available in all countries. Those in Australia need not worry though since it’s one of the most popular methods here. Some online casinos may also require that players who use Neteller pay a deposit or withdrawal fee. These are important to look out for, but we don’t like to recommend sites that charge online casino players fees.

If you haven’t quite heard of Neteller and are perhaps new to the online casino industry, it’s a name that’s been around for a fair amount of time. The company’s primary use case is through online gambling and has been making moves since it was first created in Canada in 1999. The company acquired a few other companies including Netbanx Ltd, and then Skrill in 2015. The umbrella company containing Neteller is now part of the Paysafe Group, the same company responsible for Paysafecard.

Other Safe Casino Deposit Options in Case Neteller Deposits Do Not Go Through

Neteller is definitely not the only option that players can use when they make online casino deposits and withdrawals. In fact, there are many options that users will be able to enjoy when making online casino deposits. For the most part, any Neteller-accepted casino will usually also accept the likes of PayPal, Paysafecard, and POLi, especially in Australia.

Should a traditional banking option not quite be what a player wants, there are other options that can help with anonymity, and will ultimately keep the entire online casino experience rather personal to you, the player. Here is a list of some of the most popular online casino payment options that are available to players in Australia.


Anyone looking for a payment method that can be compared to Neteller but has a lot of global backing behind it should look at PayPal. PayPal will allow users to make payments and withdrawals online through a digital currency system that is linked through traditional banking accounts. Players can put money inside their account from a bank account and then deposit that money straight into an online casino account. It’s a great way for players to make a payment or withdrawal through a medium that’s not directly through a bank account. Players can also link up their accounts with PayPal through the bank so that deposits can come directly from the bank account without needing secondary confirmation.


Paysafecard is a method that users can enjoy when making online casino payments because it’s used as a prepaid system. What users can do is head out to supporting stores or go online and get a prepaid amount and purchase it. Then, players will get to load that prepaid amount onto their Paysafecard and then will be able to use the card as a prepaid debit card that people might use on holiday or something similar. It’s a great way for players to control their spending despite taking a few extra steps to get the money available and ready for play at a supporting online casino.


POLi is an incredibly popular payment option in Australia. It’s one of the best and while it may not be as well known around the world, the company headquarters is in Melbourne and it’s been going since the early 2000s. The trick to having POLi be a method of payment and withdrawal in Australia is being part of one of the banks that supports the payment option. Many banks in and around Australia are already associating with POLi so it makes it incredibly easy to log in and transfer money between the accounts. Once players have got the money ready, sitting in their POLi account, they can push the money towards their online casino account. The same is true for withdrawals because at some point when players do win, they’ll be able to put the money straight into the account.

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