Playing Online at PayPal Casinos – Pick from the Best Online Casinos in Australia

Starting to gamble online using a PayPal casino is a great way to win some real money thanks to the quick and easy way that players can access the payment method and the money they transfer to it. In fact, other casino payment methods may talk the same talk that PayPal does, but very few of them walk the walk.

When playing at an online casino it helps to find one that you know is going to be trusted and reputable. Nobody expects any player in their right mind to start looking around at every single Australian online casino, but some people do. For those that don’t our expert team has created a list of the top online casino sites that have a variety of payment options, including online casino PayPal options, a site with plenty of table games and pokies, and most of all, a site that delivers a great bonus to its players.

Top PayPal Online Casinos in Australia

In order to find the right sites that can benefit the player, extensive testing needs to be done. Nobody is expecting the average player to try their hand at multiple casinos and see which one suits them best. It’s ultimately up to other sites to review and rate these casinos fairly in order to give an accurate representation of how they fare amongst their competitors. Here is our list of the best Australian online casino PayPal options.

Every site that a player finds on our list of the top recommended Australian online casino PayPal sites is one that our expert team trusts. They have played at the online casino in question and have used PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method. What this does is guarantee us that the site is safe to use and has a good deal of trust behind its name.

Is it Safe to Make Online Casino PayPal Deposits?

Most players will look to an online casino and trust that they will have reputable software and make sure that everything they do is above-board, and while that may be true, some online casinos may just want to take your money without providing anything back to you.

As far as online casinos that accept PayPal go, all of the sites that we list in our recommended section of casinos will be trustworthy and are known far and wide as some of the top online casinos around. In fact, these online casino PayPal options that we’ve given to our users will be some of the best around because they offer numerous banking options, not just a PayPal option.

Generally speaking, online casino sites that have well-known banking options can usually be trusted. Any online casino PayPal deposit will be instant as long as the site accepts it as a banking option and when playing at an online casino offering real money and PayPal deposits and withdrawal, players will receive all their winnings, but best of all will receive those winnings faster than many of the other banking options that may be on offer. Each PayPal casino Australia has to offer has undergone rigorous tests by our casino review team and we’ve extensively tested out a bunch of options within the casino itself too.

PayPal has a secure and encrypted site and is almost completely risk-free as it is one of the few reputable companies with enough protection and security in place to keep information safe. Players only need to ensure that the connection between the online casino and PayPal’s site is a legitimate one. These types of sites should never ask for your PayPal password, so players need to ensure they keep their passwords secure.

Any online casino that uses real money PayPal transactions will have been verified by PayPal itself and we all know that after a few bogus transactions, PayPal would stop supporting that site. Make sure that when you are making an online casino PayPal deposit you have managed to figure out the software because the last thing you want to do is transfer real money out of your bank account when you’re supposed to be transferring money out of your PayPal account. We’ll help players with more information on that below.

The Popularity Behind PayPal Deposit Casinos in Australia Explained

The reason that PayPal is so popular in Australia is that it’s quick and easy. A lot of online casino goers will try their hardest to stay anonymous and the nice thing about a PayPal deposit casino is that you can still be fairly anonymous when making a deposit. As long as players have deposited money into the account, they should be able to transfer that money across to an accepting casino account.

In addition to it being fairly anonymous, players will also enjoy the fact that the deposits and the withdrawals happen really quickly. This is what makes an online casino PayPal deposit so great. Players who have traditional bank accounts can also link their bank accounts through their PayPal accounts and when that’s done, players will be able to put money into their casino account without having a positive PayPal balance.

Using an online casino PayPal deposit will be just like paying with a traditional debit or credit card when it has been linked up. Since PayPal already has some form of pre-approval through your regular bank account, this money is usually transferred out very quickly. The same is true of withdrawals because as soon as the money is processed from the casino side, the money heads straight to PayPal for them to update your casino balance.

Players can choose to have the PayPal balance added in order to bolster their prepaid amount or can put it straight toward their bank account through PayPal. This might take a little longer than usual depending on the financial institution.

How-To Guide for Online Casino PayPal Deposits

Those that haven’t yet set up a PayPal account and plan to play at a site accepting online casino real money PayPal transactions should do so sooner rather than later. With PayPal, players will have to hand over a lot of their personal information initially when they make an account, but once that is done, there’s no way that PayPal would share that information with anyone else unless there was a legal issue.

It all sounds pretty straightforward, right? That’s because it is! First things first, players have to head on over to the PayPal site or the mobile app and then click on the sign-up button in the top corner. These players will need to decide if they are making a personal or a business account. For all intents and purposes, this would usually be a personal account. Following on from here, customers will need to hand over their name, email address, and password, then on the following step, add in their address and some other qualified info such as a contact number.

Once all that is sorted out, you’ll have officially created a PayPal account. But there’s not a lot that players can do with it in this situation. What players can then do if they’d like to fund their account is either add funds through the app or website, or request funds from their own accounts. Either of these methods works fine, but for real convenience, players will likely want to link their bank account to their PayPal account.

After having accepted the verification and inputting financial details, players will be ready to go. All it takes now is for the casino goers to head on over to any of the recommended online casinos that we’ve listed where players will have to click the Cashier button, and then look to make a deposit. Since all of our top recommended sites accept PayPal, just click that button, and then make a deposit. Usually, this will open up another window for players to put in their PayPal information. Do that, set the amount you wish to deposit, and then you’re good to go. The money will be taken from the account that you’ve put money into or will be taken straight from your bank account if you’ve set PayPal up that way.

What is Another Safe Option for Online Casino Deposits in Australia?

PayPal isn’t the only way that players in Australia can fund their online casino accounts. There are quite a few other options that include prepaid cards and e-wallets, and many of these are just as reputable as PayPal. Players who are looking specifically for a PayPal online casino will find that these sites likely accept deposits from similar methods too. Here are some of the other popular payment methods that these top casinos like to accept:


With Paysafecard, people will be able to fund their online casino accounts to use at a later stage when they want to play at an online casino. Most sites that act as a PayPal online casino will likely accept Paysafecard too because they run in similar ways. Players will be able to play their favourite games for real money with Paysafecard, and when making a withdrawal will not need to wait as long as traditional banking options.


Neteller is used in a similar way to a prepaid card. In having such a payment option, players at online casinos can supply real money to their Neteller account and then will have that money to use whenever they make a payment from the account. Usually, those who like to make a Neteller deposit would also make Neteller withdrawal, and both of them are rather fast when compared to traditional debit and credit card transfers.


POLi is a really popular banking option used for many players in Australia and New Zealand. Players will be able to pay with their usual internet banking information but will be able to go through POLi. Players can use their POLi accounts for direct payments or will be able to put money into their POLi account. What people don’t seem to get about POLi is that it’s just as easy as PayPal to use, giving players the option to pay for online goods and services without actually divulging any payment information.

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