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Paysafecard is one of the most prominent online casino payment methods and one that should always be considered whenever playing at an online casino. A Paysafecard casino isn’t really any different from classic online casinos because they accept a wide variety of payment options and banking methods. The sites that use Paysafecard as an option will also usually support other e-wallet and prepaid methods too.

Players looking to get into the world of online gambling should consider a Paysafecard casino purely because of the ease of use. Players can take a look online, or even visit a retailer near them to buy Paysafecard codes and vouchers. These will usually have a set value on them, and players only need to head to their Paysafecard account in order to deposit the money. Once there, players can transfer the money to an online casino and start playing.

The Best Paysafecard Online Casino in Australia

Users are always asking which is the best Australian online casino that accepts Paysafecard, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the ones on our list, but it’s difficult to make the distinction as to which one is truly the best. We like to list a bunch of online casino sites so that players can make up their own minds in finding an online casino Paysafecard site.

Each site will have something special about it, and we like to highlight that fact. We rate and review sites with offers from large online casino bonuses to a variety of payment options, and even based on a selection of game titles, we judge each site on its value and reputation. We’ll only start playing at a site when it ticks all of our pre-existing criteria, and once we start playing there, we’ll recommend it to other players.

Choosing the Right Australian Online Casino that Accepts Paysafecard

Choosing the right Paysafecard casino Australia has can be tough to do on your own. It’s far easier trying to find the right casino with a site that has already been able to take a look at the finer details. First and foremost, if any player has come to this page, it’s pretty evident that they’d like to make deposits and withdrawals using Paysafecard. This is a primary reason for a player’s visit, but it is only a small part of selecting a casino.

We want to be sure that the Paysafecard casinos that players can choose from have got it all. This includes a great welcome bonus to bolster your bankroll, a sense of increased security and regulation, a very good reputation from players, 24/7 customer service, and enough games to get absolutely lost in. It sounds easier said than done, but players who are looking for the same things can just check out our page rather than go off and test every online casino with your real money.

Having trust in a team of expert reviewers is important, and that’s what we are here at Australian Online Casino. We’ve put all of the hard work into finding the best sites so that our users can spend more time playing the games they want to play, and less time looking for a casino that they think might suit their needs. Any Paysafecard online casino that ticks all the boxes will be listed on our top list for gamers to play and enjoy.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind When Playing at a Paysafecard Casino?

It’s important to remember that when players pick an Australian online casino that accepts Paysafecard, it’s likely not the only banking method they accept. Even though we categorise these casinos as Paysafecard casinos, they aren’t only those. They will likely offer many other banking options and payment methods too. In addition to that, they’ll also fill a number of criteria that we’ve already mentioned.

Something to keep in mind though is that Paysafecard is a prepaid wallet where players will get to put money into it and can treat it as its own payment option without actually involving any banks. This will also make it easier and faster to deposit and withdraw real money winnings when they eventually come your way.

Players will have to start out by buying a Paysafecard code. This can be done online through the app or the official site, or even done in person at a participating retailer. Players will buy a voucher and then have it applied to the account. After the money has been put into the account and cleared, players will get a notification. From there, it’s time to find the right casino.

If you have looked through our list of recommended online casinos and found one that you think will be a perfect fit for you, then that’s great! The next step is to head to the casino’s cashier, and then click on Paysafecard deposits. Here, players will be able to put their Paysafecard details in and then fund their casino account. Players will have to enter the code and the amount and usually operate within limits of a minimum of $10, or a maximum of $1,000 using multiple vouchers.

The casino in question will then credit a user’s account with the money they’ve just deposited, free of any charges, and then the money will appear. It needs to be mentioned that Paysafecard may charge a nominal payment fee should players make a deposit at the casino in a different currency than what’s on the Paysafecard prepaid card.

One final thing that players should keep in mind when using a Paysafecard casino is that when that big one comes, it can sometimes take a little longer to get real money out of the casino. That’s not because they are trying to hold the money, or trying to scam players in any way, it’s just the process that takes time. Usually, an online casino will need to verify your identity and verify the win. It’s one of the reasons we always tell our users to go through a casino verification as early as possible to avoid these timewasters in the future.

Most online casinos will take between 24 and 72 hours to verify a withdrawal. They’ll look through the player’s history and they’ll take a look at what bonuses if any were claimed, and then ensure that the minimum wagering requirements have been met that fit the site’s rules and regulations. As far as the money moving from Paysafecard casino goes, players will love the fact that it’s usually faster than traditional payment options.

Players who like to use credit or debit cards from major banks may be last in the line because Paysafecard casino customers will usually get their winnings between 24 and 72 hours too! The payments are quick, easy, and straight into your Paysafecard account. These transactions are very safe as online payments and won’t share any of the user’s personal information.

Can Paysafecard Voucher Casino Offers be Used to Play and Win Real Money?

Another great thing about Paysafecard casinos is that at times, players might not even need to deposit money to start playing. Players from all over are starting to receive Paysafecard vouchers, from repeated use, competitions, or simply just being given them by friends and family. And while there’s no Paysafecard voucher casino that exists to our knowledge, players can still use their vouchers to play and win real money.

Most players would likely start playing online casino games for free. These are the types of games that exist at real online casinos but are only played for fake money. They will have the same RNG, be the same type of game, and have the same bets as the real table games but will be slightly different in that players won’t win any real money. The games that these players are playing are exactly the same as the real money games in terms of RNG, skill, variation, and difficulty. Most people think that free games actually let players win more, but at a trusted online casino this is not the case.

What are the Other Popular Payment Methods Apart from Paysafecard?

Of course, Paysafecard isn’t the only kind of prepaid card that players can use. There are more and more e-wallets and prepaid cards coming out as online casinos become more popular. For Australian players alone there are a number of different options, all of them excellent, and most if not all of them have got nothing but positive reviews from customers who use the products.


For those that can’t find the right site that works for them, or perhaps those who aren’t too keen on trying a prepaid card, those players can also take a good look at PayPal. PayPal is an electronic digital currency system where players are able to put money into their accounts using traditional banking means. They’ll be able to build a balance inside their PayPal account and then use it online to play at an online casino. Those who aren’t quite keen to start funding another account can also link their traditional bank account through PayPal, giving those players the option to spend money in their bank accounts all the while using PayPal. It’s a great way to make payments easier online and is known as one of the most widely accepted banking options.


Neteller is one of the top e-wallets in the world. Players will often see Neteller casinos and think that something strange might be associated with it, but the truth is that any online casino accepting Neteller, will likely accept PayPal and Paysafecard too. Players can use this service for gambling at online casinos but are also able to use the same e-wallet for online shopping and doing banking transfers too. Players can sign up for a free account on the website, and after verification, just need to fund their account using any traditional means. Those that then want to play at an online casino will just have to choose the Neteller or e-wallet option, and they’ll be good to go!


POLi is one that is perhaps not as popular as PayPal, Paysafecard, and Neteller around the world, but when it comes to Australia and New Zealand, POLi is one of the best. The company is actually based in Melbourne and has been going for about 15 years already. A majority of banks across Australia are associated with POLi which allows players to log in to their POLi account, transfer money from their bank account, and then use those funds quickly and easily. Those that don’t readily have access to a bank account or debit card will be able to use POLi as a fantastic substitute, and won’t be charged any fees when making deposits. Players who like to use POLi for withdrawals too will take great pride in the fact that the payment option is quick to receive funds, but also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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