To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin; That is Our Latest Question. Best Bitcoin Casinos in Australia 2024

How does one find the best Bitcoin casino out there? Just like with any other Australian online casino, crypto casinos range from terrible to absolutely knocking a player’s gambling socks off. But what sorts the weeds from the flowers? There is a whole range of features and requirements that are considered when trying to rate and review cryptocurrency casinos. To be one worth remembering, a site needs to have reputable licensing, top-notch security features, provably fair games, games galore, bonus offers to match, a 24/7 customer services team, and fast withdrawals. Read our guide on the best Bitcoin Casinos in Australia review to find out more:

Top bitcoin casino Australia: bitcoin casino reviews

First, let us start at the very beginning by explaining what exactly a Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Put simply, a cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency. How does one get hold of this elusive virtual currency? Bitcoin can either be bought from others who already own it or it can be digitally mined by completing multiple Bitcoin transaction verifications. Since the digital mining of crypto is a costly one, the price of the crypto being mined or bought is also high. A digital currency for the already wealthy. Once owned crypto can either be used to make purchases from online stores that accept crypto payments or the crypto can be converted into Australian Dollars at whatever the exchange rate happens to be at the time.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has been around since 2008, its usage to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is relatively new. Why would people opt for this payment method over the ones they are already familiar with? If there are already bank transfers, e-Wallets, and credit/debit card payments available, why bring in Bitcoin just to further complicate things? From writing our Bitcoin Casino reviews we have found that just like with the other payment methods there are advantages and disadvantages to users paying their way with Bitcoin.


  • No account registration needed
  • Fast transaction times
  • Lower commissions
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Better odds
  • Higher pay-outs


  • Additional high taxes
  • Huge Volatility
  • Fewer websites support Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin casinos can’t ever be subjected to cyber threats or the misuse of a player’s personal and payment information by any unauthorized third parties. How is this possible? To play in a Bitcoin Casino, all gamblers need is a Bitcoin wallet to pay and play, there is no need to register for an account. This lack of account registration means that the website is never storing any customer information as at no point is it required to be entered on the site. This way customers can remain anonymous and not have to worry about their information being compromised at any point. Bitcoin casinos have an extra sneaky level of security in place to ease the worries of any user. This super special safety feature is called Blockchain Technology. Blockchain ensures that all data that is entered, if any, are secured so gamblers can truly play away with peace of mind that their information is safe.

Transactions for any cryptocurrency happen immediately. If a player is depositing cash funds, it is in their casino account in a flash and they are ready to play, spin, and win to their heart’s content. The same goes for a withdrawal; with just a click of a button the BTC gets paid out and they are free to spend it anywhere else they please. Often when making a deposit, a casino charges and keeps a percentage of that deposit for itself. This percentage charge is a waste of funds gamers would rather be using for playing the games on offer. With BTC deposits, the commission percentages and fees are next to nothing.

BTC transfers are free of charge, meaning there are no processing costs. The lack of processing costs is what allows them to offer higher odds for players to win and bigger pay-outs when they do. Online casinos usually lower odds and reduce pay-outs to compensate for any unforeseen processing cost when gamers make either a deposit or a withdrawal.

The consideration of cryptocurrency as a legal offer of payment is debatable in most countries, which is why anyone that gambles online using BTC is charged extra taxes on any winnings made. This is because since the site itself is using BTC, it is also being charged these additional taxes. Taxing any winnings twice allows the site to mitigate the cost of the taxes for themselves. Anyone making a withdrawal can lose up to 20% of their winnings in one transaction.

High volatility has its pros and cons. On the bright side, it means the value of a person’s Bitcoins can increase dramatically in a short period of time – giving them more cash for nothing in return. On the downside, the value can also decrease drastically, meaning they are losing funds and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no one regulating the value of cryptocurrencies, which is why their value changes more rapidly when compared to the “real” money currencies. One day the balance in a person’s account is worth a lot, the next day it could be worth nothing. The same goes for the accounts of any casinos accepting BTC payments. BTC can easily drop or rise to 20% in a day. Sounds like a risky recipe for a heart attack to us.

Since the usage of Bitcoin for online casino gambling is a new trend, there are not many exclusive BTC transaction casinos or casinos that accept BTC as one of their payment options. There are not a lot of options for anyone gambling with cryptocurrencies, which means that BTC gamblers will have to take what they can get. Although, as the popularity increases around the usage of cryptocurrency, we have seen many sites adding this transaction option to the ones they already have. Pretty soon gamblers will be able to play at all their favourite sites using BTC.

How does one use Bitcoin to deposit money into a casino account?

  1. Download the Bitcoin wallet app
  2. Buy or mine Bitcoin
  3. Find a casino that supports BTC transactions
  4. Create an account
  5. Choose BTC as the deposit method
  6. Make a deposit of more than the BTC equivalent of AU$20
  7. Use the wallet app to verify the transaction

How does one use Bitcoin to withdraw money from a casino account?

  1. Open the wallet app
  2. Make a new BTC address
  3. Open the casino website
  4. Make a withdrawal claim for a specific amount
  5. Attach the new address to this claim
  6. Wait for the winnings to be paid out

Seems easy enough to us! As long as someone wanting to gamble with BTC has enough funds to get their hands on it, the rest of the deposit and withdrawal process is easy as pie.

Using cryptocurrency as a transaction method on online casinos is becoming increasingly popular, especially the use of one of Bitcoin (BTC). With so many online casinos out there in the gambling universe, how are players expected to find the sites that support cryptocurrency payments? We have stacked the decks in their favour by providing a list of the top 10 Bitcoin Casino sites in Australia:

How do we choose which Bitcoin Casinos are the best? We find the casinos that support bitcoin transactions by scouring the internet on player’s behalf and by reading back through our previous online casino reviews. Our first step is to check if the casinos we rated the best online casino Australia, have bitcoin. If they do then it is easy to assume that they will concurrently also be the best Bitcoin Casino Australia too. All the casinos in the table above support both bitcoin and regular transactions. When doing our Australia online casino reviews, we look for fast withdrawal times, multiple payment options, safe security features, great customer support, and of course, a good games selection.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an online bitcoin casino

When choosing an online casino, whether it be Bitcoin or otherwise, there are always some things to keep in mind. Many of these factors stay the same across the board. Here is a Bitcoin Casino list of the things to keep in mind when choosing an online Bitcoin Casino:

  1. Reputable Licensing
  2. Level of Customer Service & Support
  3. Reputation on the net
  4. Security Features
  5. The Games Selection
  6. The Gaming Software Providers
  7. What Pokies there are on offer
  8. Responsible Gambling Support
  9. Other Withdrawal and Deposit Methods Available
  10. Flexible min/max Withdrawal and Deposit Limit
  11. Do they have Real Money Offers too?
  12. Do they have a Live Casino?
  13. Are the games provably fair?
  14. Is the Casino Website Available on Mobile?
  15. Bitcoin Bonuses on Offer

We believe the four most important factors to be licensing, games selection, the other payment methods available and customer support.

Licensing for any online casino is important as it is this licensing that reassures any player that the site is legitimate and not a scam. Gambling authorities and commissions regulate sites by ensuring that all their games are provably fair, that they have the appropriate security measures in place and that they honour all their pay-outs in a timely fashion. After all; what is the point of gambling for a person if they never see any return? Website security needs to be in the form of data and payment encryptions, a strict privacy policy, an age limit to ensure everyone is of legal gambling age and unique secret usernames and passwords for every user to use to log into their account and theirs only. Licensing and website security goes hand in hand with the measures the site puts in place to ensure everyone is gambling responsibly. Sites now acknowledge just how addictive gambling can be – and the repercussions this can have in the long term for a person’s livelihood. A good casino will have set deposit limits and set length of play limits or reminders as well as optional functions for taking a break or self-excluding themselves entirely from all betting sites. To take a break a person needs to just contact the customer services team and they will block them from their own account for a specific amount of time. To self-exclude is more extreme as it blocks a person from all betting sites on the internet that are associated with GamCare or GamBlock software. The sites that really care about their members will even have gambling problem identification questions and links to self-help sites or support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous

When it comes to the games library, a gambler should be looking for quality and not just quantity. Of course, the presence of an all-time Australian favourite, Pokies, is mandatory. For the Pokies selection, we suggest looking out for the presence of some of the top slot software providers such as NetEnt, Elk Studios, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, Red Tiger, and Novomatic. If a gambler is a stereotypical type who plays all day every day, then a big slot machine variety is key. Keen gamers should make sure that the slots have a variety of different themes, pay-lines, multiplies and reels to keep them entertained. If a gamer is looking for a more realistic casino experience, then they should look out for the live dealer casino games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. These providers are sure to give gamblers the most authentic and interactive Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker experience out there. The presence of progressive Jackpot Slots is also one to look out for as they provide a chance of winning high cash pools. For seasoned gamblers, we suggest looking out for specialty games that may scratch that gambling itch such as Keno, Bingo and Scratchcards.

For payment methods it is important to see if the casino offers more than one method, be it credit or debit cards, e-Wallets, Bank Transfers or even more than just Bitcoin for cryptocurrency transactions. Other cryptocurrencies to look out for include Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Ethereum. Other payment methods allow users to put in or cash out in “real” money – the more options the better. Even though real money transactions are usually worse than BTC ones, Australian Dollars are easier to come by than Bitcoin. Having more than one option makes the site more accessible to everyone. All Bitcoin transactions, be it a withdrawal or a deposit, happen almost instantly, so no need for users to worry about the cash taking a long time to reflect in the bank. The BTC should be paid out within a mere 10 minutes. They can play, bet, spend and try to win immediately. An important aspect of payment methods to factor in is the casino’s maximum and minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals. Ideally, a person would like a high maximum deposit limit so that they can withdraw all their winnings at once and a slightly lower deposit limit so that they don’t blow all their money at once.

A good customer service system is necessary for the event that any customer needs help or something goes wrong. Customers need to feel that they can reach out to the site about anything, whenever they want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More importantly, the services team needs to be friendly and responsive. Customers are trusting a casino with their money, the least they can get back is an answer to any questions or complaints they may have. After all, with how easily everyone can access information from the internet these days, it is important to have the customers on the side of the site. Especially when it comes to them making ratings and writing reviews. A casino’s reputation on the net can either make them or break them. Most people who take the time out of their day to write reviews are brutally honest. Sometimes they are so amazed and excited by a site that they feel the need to share that joy with everyone else so that they can experience it for themselves too. But, more often than not customers write reviews when they feel aggrieved by something. A first-time user can often find out more valuable information just from reading the customer feedback or reviews on review sites than they can from entering the casino itself. One bad review could lose an online casino a new user – and any money that that user was bringing with them. This is why it is important that casinos keep their players happy.

Online bitcoin casino bonuses

We want bonuses and we want them now. Bonuses are key to any casino. How else are they meant to entice first-time users in and then inspire enough loyalty to keep them playing? Crypto Casinos usually offer a welcome bonus that matches (or exceeds) a player’s first deposit and additional deposit bonuses that can include cryptocurrency or free spins. Occasionally players will hit the jackpot and find a site that offers a no deposit bonus of either cryptocurrency or free spins. This means that they don’t have to put anything in, to get a lot out. In life, nothing may be free, but in the online casino world, no deposit bonuses are. If a person intends on spending a lot of time gambling, then we suggest they find a site with an exclusive VIP program. These VIP programs work to inspire loyalty to the site. Either everyone is automatically registered for the loyalty program upon account creation or invitations get sent out through subscription emails. The name of the loyalty game is increased playing. The more players play or the more missions they complete, the higher up the loyalty program they rise. Missions can be anything from playing a certain game to depositing more money. Rising through the ranks is advantageous because the higher a player rises, the more promotions, bonus codes, free spins, free chips, cashback, and even offline prizes they unlock. Often, if someone reaches the premium VIP level on a site, they are rewarded with their own personal VIP manager, better withdrawal limits, faster withdrawal times and sometimes even better pay-out rates.

Of course, just like with non-Bitcoin casinos, bonus play-through wagering requirements must be met before any winnings can be withdrawn. Our sneaky tip for gamblers wanting the most bang for their buck would be for them to wait to withdraw their winnings. If they wait until the price of Bitcoin increases (which we guarantee they will), then they are gaining more money from their winnings without even lifting a finger. To make sure their winnings are forfeited, gamblers should be hoping for a low play-through wagering requirement of 30x with a long expiry time. So users need to keep an eye on the terms and conditions to get the most out of what is on offer.

Just like with other sites, Bitcoin deposit bonuses can be used on all games and Pokies (unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions) and free spins can obviously only be used on pokies. To be on the list of casinos with the best bonus offers, the site needs to have plenty of bonuses and promotions as well as low wagering requirements. There is no point in a bonus that we never see any winnings of. Some of the best Bitcoin Casino Australia bonus offers can be found at Golden Reels, FairGo Casino, and PlayAmo. So, if the first thing on a player’s mind when they wake up in the morning is what new bonus is available to them that day, we suggest they give those three sites a try. These sites will often offer a specific deposit welcome bonus for anyone using crypto, over and above the usual welcome bonus. This is done to encourage players to play with Bitcoin rather than real money. 

All the top-rated online casinos and Bitcoin casinos will have a host of bonus offers fit for a king. Online casino bonuses often include a welcome deposit match bonus, weekly promotions, reload deposit bonuses, cashback, offline prizes, free spins, free chips, and additional bonus codes. And as mentioned earlier, some online casinos even have loyalty reward programs that allow players to unlock and claim even more additional promotions and bonuses. With so many casinos out there a good bonus offer is important to set their casino aside from the others. Bonuses are there to reel people into the website, but also to give them an extra pep in their step when they are playing.

Bitcoin casino sites with the best online casino games

Yes, with any online casino, having reputable licenses, multiple payment methods, and killer bonuses are essential. But there is something more essential than all of that put together; a big game selection and variety. Like with any other casino site, the games library for Bitcoin casinos is one of the most important things to factor in. The best software providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, and Pragmatic Play are all available at Bitcoin casinos so it shouldn’t be too hard for someone to find a game to play that is up to scratch. The games libraries which have the best online casino games will include the likes of Video Pokies, Classic Pokies, Jackpot Pokies, 3D Pokies, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker, Lotteries and other types of games such as Scratchcards, Keno, Bingo and Slingo. It is important for these sections to not only be present and accounted for, but that they also have multiple game variants underneath each one. Occasionally there are even providers that make specific games just for BTC playing. Getting access to exclusive games just for using crypto sounds good to us. They say that “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, but gamblers expect to be able to. They want it all and they want it all now. For our more demanding customers, we suggest heading straight to Casino Rocket, PlayAmo, BitStarz, or Fastpay, for an out-of-this-world gaming extravaganza.

Expectations of the games on offer at Bitcoin Casino sites are the same as with any usual online casino site’s games. Just because customers are using a different transaction method, doesn’t mean that they should be treated any differently. Bitcoin casinos have partnered with the usual software providers that gamblers would expect to see on online casinos. Meaning that Bitcoin bettors never feel as though they are missing out on their favourite games to play. As with the players on usual online casinos, Bitcoin players also want the library to be updated regularly so that they never miss out on the newest or hottest Pokies and Table Games out there. Pokies (or slots as they are known around the world) are a crowd favourite amongst all the online gamblers. Bitcoin betting sites need to keep up with the online casinos and their online Pokies selection otherwise they will not draw in the same number of users. Or, more importantly, they will not draw in the same amount of money and revenue. The ability to play a huge selection of online Pokies at any casino is detrimental to their success. The Pokies selection is often the make it or break it criterion for a site.

How to choose the best bitcoin live casino

A Live Casino is a feature that is found within an online or Bitcoin Casino. Any table game such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker will be playable in a Live Casino. Other fun games to look forward to when playing at a Live Casino include Sic Bo, Monopoly, Craps, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball and even Deal or No Deal. To choose the best crypto live casino, the two most important factors to take into consideration are which providers are powering it and how many table game variants there are available to play. When using a crypto casino, the odds are already stacked more in the gambler’s favour and the pay-outs are slightly higher, so those are two things that aren’t cause for concern. What is the difference then between playing these games live or online? The main differences lie in the fact that every table game in the Live Casino comes equipped with its own experienced live dealer or croupier that gamers can interact with and talk to. When gamers are placing bets and setting stakes at a Live Dealer Casino, they can also chat to and socialize with the other real gamers at their table. The very best live gaming software provider out there is Evolution Gaming. This exciting live experience is as close to any land-based casino experience as a gamer can get without leaving the house.

Is a Bitcoin Live Casino any different from an ordinary online live casino in Australia? Putting the payment method aside, no. The games available are the same, the dealers are the same and the stakes and bets are the same. Actually, come to think about it, the entire experience is the same. The level of gameplay is raised no matter what, and just like on other sites, the prizes to win at live casinos are bigger than any others. This is because these games require gamers to have more skill and strategy to cast aside luck and spin the odds to be in their favour instead of the house’s.

Can bitcoin mobile casinos be trusted? Red flags to look out for and precautions to be taken

Nowadays life is extremely fast paced and we often don’t have the time to sit at the computer. Or when we do, it is usually for work and not for online gambling. We wish we could sit peacefully and gamble our time (and possibly our money) away. But alas! Unfortunately, most of us gamers don’t have the time for that. We do spend a lot of our time on the move though. Whether we are taking a bus to work or the train to another city for the weekend it is go, go, go. This can be stressful for gamers because they feel that if they leave their desktop, they may miss out on a bonus or promotion. Luckily for them, the casinos are aware of this, which is why they either create a downloadable mobile app or make their site fully compatible with any mobile device – whether a smartphone, iPad or tablet. Just a small screen adjustment and they can now play their favourite games whenever and wherever they may be. Even special BTC games are available for mobile play. People can now carry their favourite online casino with them in the palm of their hands (or in their pocket), and the same goes for Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin is almost too easy to use. This may make some people with little knowledge about cryptocurrency hesitant to use them. We say, if the Bitcoin casino or Bitcoin mobile Casino is licensed and has a reputation for being trustworthy and a good enough review rating, then go for it. The licensing ensures players that the mobile browser version or downloadable app is as legitimate as the site itself. So, if the Bitcoin online casino desktop version of the site can be trusted, so can the mobile version. No need to worry, just continue playing as before. However, there are certain red flags to look out for when choosing a mobile casino and certain precautions to take to ensure that no scamming takes place.

Red flags to look out for would include:

  • No licensing from a gambling authority or commission
  • Bad reviews from review sites or previous site users

Precautions to take include:

  • Never giving any BTC to a casino without a license
  • Never making a payment if using a public shared network
  • Don’t share any Bitcoin wallet details with anyone
  • Have a strong password for the BTC wallet app
  • Read the ratings and reviews

The best bitcoin mobile casinos in Australia

Luckily for us (and anyone reading this and wanting to branch out onto Bitcoin betting sites) the best Bitcoin mobile sites are the same as the top Bitcoin casinos in the first table. This is because when rating and reviewing a mobile casino, the same features are considered.

Using a mobile casino allows people to move freely and gamble as they go. The best mobile casinos offer the same transaction methods, the same promotions and the same games. The idea is to make the players feel as though they never left home and aren’t missing out on anything they would usually have access to on the desktop version. Luckily for BTC bettors, a Bitcoin mobile casino works the same as any other mobile casino does – just with Bitcoin and BTC games, of course.

Top free bitcoin casino sites with real money offers

When creating an online Bitcoin casino site account there is no fee for registration. Sign-up is free and any transaction after that is free of fees too. Even though crypto casinos would prefer that the majority of the playing on the site was done with crypto, some free Bitcoin casino sites offer “real” money offers. These real money offers come in the form of welcome deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and reload deposit bonuses. To keep a player intrigued these sites offer real money promo codes weekly, monthly or only to VIP members at the top of their loyalty ranks. These codes are either displayed on the site or emailed to account holders. The process of claiming and using the codes is easy. Once the real money offer has been claimed and activated, the amount given can be used to spin on the Pokies or play, game, bet and gamble on the various table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat. Most people choose to use the real money offers on the Pokies seeing as to win on them doesn’t require much skill – just the push of a button. These real money offers cannot be withdrawn directly, but once the wagering requirements have been met, any winnings made off the real money offer can be withdrawn as crypto. Some crypto sites even offer free play, meaning that it can cost absolutely nothing for a person to try out, play, and practice on some of the games first.

A real Australian real money casino often outdoes any of its crypto competitors due to the sheer fact that most of them have been established years ago. With age comes trust and with trust comes rave reviews from the gambling community plus a loyal following. Crypto sites need to prove themselves still whereas real money sites have already put in all the blood, sweat and tears. They have tried and tested all their features and chosen to stick with the ones that are most advantageous to not only their target audience but to themselves too.

Can other payment methods apart from crypto be used at bitcoin casino sites?

Some Australian online sites offer Bitcoin as an additional payment method. So why shouldn’t Bitcoin casinos offer other payment methods too? This means that a player doesn’t have to change alliances just to use this ever-popular digital form of currency or to switch to the more standard currency of Australian Dollars. Other payment methods can also be quick, reliable, and secure – depending on the casino being accessed. But crypto transactions will always have the upper hand. Other methods can take days to pay out, crypto takes minutes.

Other casino payment methods on offer include bank transfers, prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards or e-Wallets. We suggest using a Paysafecard or an e-Wallet option such as PayPal. Deposits with these are instant, but the big difference when compared to cryptocurrency is the slow withdrawal times. A good withdrawal time is anywhere up to three business days, but some methods can take even longer than that. Often these transaction options also all come with their own strict maximum and minimum limits for withdrawals and deposits. Watch out because sometimes the transaction method of choice is only available for deposits and vice versa for withdrawals.

To answer our initial question; to Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin will remain a player’s personal preference (depending on whether the casino even affords them the option). But whether a player likes it or not, Bitcoin is definitely here to stay.

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