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That’s why our team of experts have gotten together to rate and review some of the best online casinos in Australia. We look at the top sites that offer only the best online casino bonuses for new and existing players. Claim your bonuses today and start winning the right way!

What is an Online Casino Bonus?

Anyone looking for the latest in online casino fun will know that getting a casino bonus is part and parcel of what makes the best gambling experience. An online casino bonus is something that the casino you’re playing at gives to you, just for choosing them as your place to play. Often, these online casino bonuses that players receive will be a matched deposit bonus of the amount that you deposit. Usually, these bonuses come with codes so when a player registers or signs up, they need to produce a casino bonus code.

By claiming an online casino bonus and adding it to your account, you’re able to bolster your bankroll and can extend your play time at the casino. Usually these online casino bonuses will come with playthrough and wagering requirements, needing players to play through a certain amount of money, or play a certain amount of games in order to claim their real money winnings after they’ve hit it big!

Finding an Online Casino Bonus that Works for You

There are a few different types of online casino bonuses and online casino bonus codes that players can claim and use depending on what works for them, or what the casino offers. Sometimes, a gambling site will offer free spins, or a no deposit bonus code, or even a welcome bonus that triples your first deposit! These are usually the best kinds of bonuses that players can claim, but they’ll normally always be subject to some terms and conditions players should read. Here is a list of some of the most popular online casino bonuses.

Welcome or New Sign Up Bonus

These are the first bonuses that players will usually claim when they sign up and deposit at an online casino. Players will get anywhere between 50% and 300% of their first deposit as additional funds added to their bankroll. Some online casinos will sometimes give these to players in addition to some free spins to use on a particular slot or restrict the player to having only certain games added towards the playthrough requirement.

Should you sign up at an online casino with a 100% matched deposit bonus, and you put in $100, the casino will give you an additional $100, making your entire bankroll $200. In order to claim this, you’ll not need to do anything! But in order to withdraw real money winnings, you’ll have to play through that amount anywhere between 20 and 40 times, depending on the casino.

Constant Bonuses

Constant bonuses that are given to players throughout their membership with a certain site are also known as reload bonuses. Once a player starts playing at a site and claims the welcome bonus, they’ve had it so good already that they’d want the good times to keep on rolling. Any online casino worth playing at will constantly be offering deposit bonuses to their players. Whether it’s a Monday or a Friday, there should usually be something up for grabs at the casino that will entice the player to keep on playing.

No Deposit Bonuses

A no deposit bonus code is rather rare and when a player does find one of these, there will be restrictions attached to it. A no deposit bonus is usually given to a player by a brand new casino looking to entire players to join up. Players will merely need to sign up or register their details with the site and will claim anywhere between $10 and $50 for free. This money is treated the exact same way as real money would be, but players will need to jump through a couple of hoops to be able to make it out with the cash. These usually also have maximum withdrawal amounts attached to them too, so if you do manage to win big, you won’t be able to pull all your money out.

VIP and High Roller Bonuses

Often overlooked, VIP and high-roller bonuses are exactly what they sound like. Players who like to deposit and play with a lot of money are often classified as VIP players or high rollers. Those that are, want to have their own specific bonuses that cater to them, giving them better options when playing. If a VIP plans to play with a few thousand Dollars, then they feel like they should be entitled to a little bit of an extra boost to their bankroll or perhaps some kind of cashback scheme.

Free Spins and Bonuses

In lieu of a regular cash bonus, some players also prefer to get free spins no deposit. Those that really enjoy playing online casino slots will be really impressed with these kinds of bonuses. Free spins are often just exactly the same as giving a player real money to spend on a slot machine. The only difference is that the free spins usually can only be played on one slot, or a specific set of slots, and when money is won, it’ll go towards a playthrough requirement too. These bonuses are fantastic because they’ll often apply to new slots, or really popular ones.

Bonuses for Mobile, Desktop or Payment Method

Certain online casinos may encourage players of a certain kind to visit their site. That is, players who specifically play on mobile or on desktop. These sites will often give people extra bonuses in addition to the standard bonuses to play at their sites using an Android or iOS smartphone. Some online casinos will also apply bonuses to players who use a specific payment method when making a deposit. These are usually attached to cryptocurrency deposits but can be for any kind of payment option too. These lucrative bonuses are a fantastic way to boost your bankroll even further and when taken in conjunction with another bonus, can really set you up to succeed.

Australian Online Casinos and Wagering Requirements

Online casinos in Australia and all over the world will have terms and conditions attached to their bonuses whenever they are claimed, and these are known as wagering requirements. What these are is a way for the online casino to ensure that they don’t lose out and go bankrupt by giving away their money, but ensuring that the players stick around long enough to give them a chance to recoup their money.

The way these requirements work is that an online casino bonus will likely mention that the wagering requirement is some kind of multiple. For example, if this wagering requirement is 30x it means that the money that you’ve got in your account, claiming through your deposit and your bonus, will need to be wagered 30x over before the money is “cleared” and players are able to make real money withdrawals.

It may sound like this is a lot of money, but it takes into account the wins and the losses, and when your bank balance is hovering around the same amount, you’re chipping away at that wagering requirement with each and every spin or hand. In a real world scenario, if you’ve made a $100 deposit, and the casino has given you $100 as a bonus, and your wagering requirement is 30x, you’ll need to play through $6,000 in order to claim real money winnings at the end.

Some online casinos will be very lenient about the types of games and the types of wagers that qualify towards this wagering requirement and others won’t. At Australian Online Casino, we like to ensure that each and every site we recommend has got fair wagering requirements, so while you should always read the terms and conditions, we will likely always put the fairest options forward.

Claiming Your Online Casino Bonus

Claiming an online casino bonus is usually pretty easy and there are three ways in which players usually handle it. A lot of online casinos will give players bonus codes that can be used at a specific time. This normally as you sign up to make a first deposit, or when you’ve already signed up and then enter your banking information. This is perhaps the primary way that online casinos like to hand out bonuses.

Other sites may prefer players heading over to the cashier to speak to a member of the casino’s support staff in order to claim the bonus. This option usually takes a little longer depending on the support team but is usually the second most popular way to do things. Some online casinos may also just instantly apply your online casino bonus to your account without any sort of prompt whatsoever. Players will then see this money in your casino account or bankroll, and usually see a separation between that and real money.

Getting Rewarded Constantly

Aside from a player claiming some kind of bonus or getting a special promotional code to enter at a specific point in time, a lot of online casinos offer Loyalty Programs too. Oftentimes, these programs will enrol players automatically which is a good thing, because it can be difficult to understand all of the program information from the very beginning.

Usually these loyalty programs work in a way where players will receive points based on the money they’ve spent or the bets they’ve placed. In earning these points, players will level up on a tiered system and as they get higher and higher up the tiered list system, players will be given bigger advantages. These could be anything from higher cashback bonuses, to exclusive bonuses offered by the casino, or even real-world prizes like vacations and holidays.

We always suggest that players who start playing at an online casino should try to join the loyalty program offered by the site as soon as they can. The quicker this can be done, the faster players can start accumulating the points they need to get to the higher tiers of the program.


Online casino bonuses are a way for a casino to give players something for joining their site and choosing to use it as their gambling destination. Players will get these bonuses added to their bankroll, giving them the ability to play for longer, bet bigger, and ultimately, win more as time goes on.

Some online casino websites will give players bonuses just for joining, and those are the times where players will get an online casino bonus for free. Of course, these bonuses will come with a couple of restrictions and some terms and conditions attached, but the bonuses are still pretty handy.

An online casino bonus will help you by increasing your bankroll. In doing so, you can spend more time playing the games you love, having more time with them and often betting more when you need. Managing a bankroll is by far one of the most important things you can do when playing online, so having a larger bankroll helps with that.

You can absolutely win real money when using an online casino bonus. All you’ll need to do when playing is clear the wagering requirement that the casino has attached to the bonus and then everything else that you win will be real money that you’ll get to keep!

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