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Start your next online casino experience by claiming no deposit free spins, playing the best games that Australia has to offer, and winning real money. Even you can start winning without putting down any of your own money and just claiming some free spins at your favourite online casino.

At Australian Online Casino, we have a team of gambling industry experts who have spent many years in finding the best sites to play online. Not only does our team of experts play for themselves, but they play for you too! They spend their time and own real money playing at sites to thoroughly test them and give out the verdicts on how good these sites actually are! Not only do they play the games and spend their money, but they claim the online casino bonuses, speak to customer support, and even test the site on multiple devices, including mobiles!

Check out some of these top online casino sites today and start claiming free spins, winning real money!

What Are Free Spins?

First and foremost, let’s examine what free spins are and why they are important. Is it worthwhile having an entire page dedicated to free spins when it comes to online gambling? The answer to that question is indeed yes! Any casino worth its salt should be offering free spins to their players, whether as a once off, part of many other bonuses, or as a standalone. Usually, players will claim some type of online casino bonus at a casino when they first register or sign up, in this scenario, the free spins are the bonus!

Free spins will allow players to explore the world of online slots and pokies. Players can see what’s truly on offer with these online casino sites and try out the games with free spins. The free spins work in exactly the same way as regular real money spins work, except they would have cost you nothing at all! Free spins are ideal for players who like to play slots at online casinos but aren’t necessarily interested in table games.

Claiming Free Spins as a Bonus

Now that you understand what a free spins casino is willing to offer you, it’s time to claim your spins! You may have heard of a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus, even reload bonuses when you’ve been with an online casino for a certain amount of time. But what if you could claim free spins at an online casino instead of a bonus?

Well, with our top recommended online casino sites, you can do just that. Players will be able to sign up and, depending on the promotions, claim free spins for the most popular pokies from all over the world. Usually, players can get free spins in conjunction with a bunch of other bonuses too! Some online casinos will give you something like a 100% matched casino bonus up to $100 for example, and then give you 120 free spins to use on Starburst!

Free spins at online slots also come with wagering requirements though. These are more playthrough requirements though, as players are needed to play through a certain amount of money before they are able to claim and keep their real money winnings. The requirements are usually calculated in a similar way to a traditional bonus, so don’t think that it’s easier or more difficult to win this way!

Free Spins Without Any Deposit

Sometimes you’ll get really lucky and be able to find an online casino offering free spins with no deposit. Those ones that are like hen’s teeth! Players are able to sign up or register at a casino and will get free spins to use without having to contribute a penny of their own real money. These sites are few and far between though and will most likely only be new sites who are looking to increase their player count.

There are also no deposit bonus codes that players will get, but for the most part, these will be small nominal amounts of money that won’t really get you too far. They’ll also have maximum withdrawals attached to them, meaning that if you manage to hit it big, then you’re likely not going to be able to take all your money out.

Free spins bonuses will give players the ability to still play for real money, just in the same way that they would with a no deposit cash bonus but will only need to clear the wagering requirement. In some situations, players may not even be restricted to a maximum withdrawal limit meaning that players will be able to hit it big and keep their real money winnings!

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

Every bonus will come with a wagering requirement, it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, free spins or real money. They’ll all have some sort of fine print that you won’t be able to avoid at an online casino. The trick is to find the right bonuses that offer the lowest wagering requirements, again, another positive part of having our team of experts!

When a wagering requirement is quite high, for example, if it’s 50x and you’re given an equivalent of $10 worth of free spins. You’ll need to clear $500 in order to withdraw any real money to your bank account! This is far too high for our liking, so we likely won’t even recommend such an online casino with that kind of wagering requirement. We like to have our free spins casino wagering requirements more in the 20x or 30x range. Whenever you win whilst playing slots, the money that you have won will count towards your wagering requirement, so the more you play and win, the more you’ll get ticked off your wagering requirement. The sooner that’s done, the faster you’ll be able to withdraw real money!

How to Claim a Free Spins Bonus

An online casino will usually welcome new players with completely open arms! Players need to only make sure that the site they’re playing at will offer the bonuses you’re looking for. Take a look at our list of recommended online casinos and then pick the bonus that suits you best!

After that, it all depends on the registration process, but a new player will just need to sign up at the casino. This means putting in your name, email and usually your phone number. Once you’ve registered, the online casino will likely send an email to the player to verify their account name and details. After verification is complete, then players are free to start playing at the online casino, and better yet, claiming those free spins!

There are a few ways that players will be able to claim their free spins casino bonus. One of the most common ways is just using a free spins bonus code. There’s usually an empty or open slot where players will need to insert a numeric code to claim their free spins. Another way of claiming an online casino bonus is through the cashier. Players will just need to speak to the customer support team and give their name and details and then they’ll apply the free spins to their casino account.

Some online casinos will have a more advanced way of applying the bonus to your account simply by automatically adding it to your online casino. Just give it a few minutes after you’re signed up and claim it, then you’ll be good to go.

Choosing the Right Slots for Free Spins

Another important factor for claiming your online casino free spins is to make sure that whatever online casino you’re playing at, you’re comfortable with the slots! Some pokies are completely different to others so make sure that the free spins you’re claiming are for a slot you know. Popular pokies like Starburst will be prime games for free spins because you’ll be able to play a popular game, and still try to win some free money!

Players can try to play the slot that they’re getting their free spins for in free play mode. This will help players to understand the paylines, the bonuses, scatters, and wilds!

Staying Vigilant with Free Spin Bonuses

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and the terms and conditions that apply to the bonuses that you may or may not claim. In truth, our team of experts have already done a lot of work in that field, but we always advise players to keep their eyes open. Certain unscrupulous online casinos will try to trick or confuse you with different kinds of language.

Certain sites may also try to confiscate your winnings as soon as you put any sort of foot out of line. So if you’re playing the right kinds of slots and then take a break to play another one, some online casinos might crack down on you, even if you’re using your own real money to play a different slot! Sites may also tell players that they need to deposit real money before they’re able to cash out too, don’t accept that! It’s basically the casino trying to trick you.

Our team of experts like to examine these things in-depth and will do their best to stop these kinds of online casino practices.


When you’re playing at some of the best online casinos that offer free spins, players can win real money at any stage. Usually, players are given an amount of spins to use on a specific slot, or set of slots, and then those spins will be subject to wagering requirements, and after that, once those have been cleared, the real money that is won with the free spins will go straight into your bank account!

Our site’s mission is to give Australian gamblers the best of the numerous options to pick free spins wherever possible. Not just the most free spins or the free spins for the best slots, but the free spins that make the most sense. These are usually a hefty amount of spins, with low playthrough and wagering requirements so that players can get the most out of their free spins.

Online casinos will usually let players claim just the one big free spins promotion and that’s usually at sign up. Once you’re a member of the online casino and they have multiple bonuses week in and week out that offer free spins, you can of course claim multiple free spins bonuses! Players should also be on the lookout for other sites offering free spins too because it’s possible to register at multiple sites to claim spins.

Free spins are completely free! You won’t need to pay anything to qualify to use them, you won’t have to pay out extra money to win the money that you have won assuming that you’re surpassed the requirements. These are just like real money spins, and even though you may have made a deposit to earn them first, they are still free!

Some online casinos will require that players put down a bonus code for the free spins. That’s possible, but it likely depends on the online casino too. Sometimes players will need to put a bonus code in to qualify and other times they won’t need to and will just have to speak to a cashier. It all depends on the casino.

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